Meet our Trainers


Marlon “Maxwell” Baker, Founder/Head Coach

Coach Baker has had a passion for an active lifestyle since childhood. As a well-rounded top performing athlete, he participated in multiple competitive team sports such as baseball, basketball as well as track and field. As an adult he continued to be involved in fitness with Atlanta Area League basketball, 5K/10K races,  various boot camps, and weight lifting. While in the gym, he was inspired to challenge himself even further by pushing himself mentally and physically to compete in fitness competitions. In the past two years, he has competed in the Men’s Physique category of the NPC and has ascended to be a top 3 National competitor in the pursuit of his IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) Pro Card. Check out his competition stats!

2012 NPC Atlantic USA  Open Class C 4th place

2012 NPC Vulcan Classic Open Class B 1st place

2012 NPC Eastern Seaboard Open Class C 1st place

2012 NPC Coastal USA  Open Class D 6th place

2012 IFBB North Americans  Open Class D 7th place

2013 NPC Atlantic USA  Open class C 2nd place

2013 NPC Atlantic USA Masters 35+ 2nd place

2013 NPC Eastern Seaboard Open  Class C 1st place

2013 NPC Eastern Seaboard  Masters 35+ 1st place

2013 IFBB North Americans Masters 35+  Class F 3rd place

His passion for fitness also led him to become a certified personal trainer so that he could share his knowledge, experience and expertise with others.  Initially mentoring and coaching close friends and family through life-changing transformations, he was compelled to expand his gift to  motivate and change people’s minds and bodies.  That is when he founded with hopes of touching more lives all across the country with his revolutionary online access format.

Despite his philosophy on health and fitness being a lifestyle, he keenly understands the ups and downs of life and its unpredictable challenges. This helps him to relate to clients from all walks of life. Just like millions of Americans who have or are still struggling with obesity and weight loss. He too has struggled with his weight during tough times in his life (see his BEFORE/AFTER picture below).  However, he decided that he needed to make a lasting change and put the health of his body first and soon his mind followed.  It is this mental strength that is key in truly maintaining a fit body and healthy lifestyle for the long term, regardless of any challenges one may face. He is committed to helping his clients learn the secrets of weight loss and managing clean, healthy eating habits to maintain their dream body for a LIFETIME!

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” There is nothing like change. There are many times that you witness people with amazing  physiques and one can’t believe what they have done is attainable. Pondering  have they ever been overweight or struggled with weight. I am here to say that I am just like millions  of Americans  who have or still are struggling with obesity. I have struggled with my weight during some of the lowest points in my life. However, I decided that I needed to make a change and put my body first and my mind eventually followed. You to can learn the secrets of weight loss how to manage your eating habits and develop fitness as a lifestyle.”

Marlon Baker