Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does work?

    The journey begins once you have decided what unique program best suits you as a client. After you have selected the program, we will ask various questions to learn who you are as a client, including your specific goals and needs. From the detailed questionnaire, we will develop your customized program taking all provided information into account. This may include basic nutrition and meal planning all the way to strategic, challenging workout regimens, depending on the plan you choose. All programs are available for 4-, 8-, 12-and 16-week commitments. Programs with exercise training (Crawl, Walk or Run programs) will provide you with the mentorship of your online personal trainer. They will closely monitor you through the entire process and assess if changes are required based on your individual progress. It is important to journal and to maintain a dialogue with your trainer. You will be speaking with a real person not an automated system so be prepared to achieve success. Our goal is to change your life forever buy "Jump Starting " you into your fitness Goals. It’s time to begin the journey.
  • Can an online trainer be as effective as an in person trainer?

    ABSOLUTELY! What makes online training effective is you are in control of what needs to be done. Whether you travel, have a busy schedule, or a family or any other “life” challenges--- our program is designed to revolve around your life, your schedule and at your convenience. If you are at home or on trip you will have access to your trainer who will provide guidance and support to ensure that you are successful.
  • Can The Online Program be done at home?

    YES! The program can be done at home. However, we suggest that clients invest in dumbbells, a work out bench and the ability to cardio. Due to the low cost of today's gym memberships--sometimes as low as $10-- this is a very attainable option. We can help you locate the most affordable option in your neighborhood.
  • How will I know what my exercise plan is each day?

    Each day or each week, depending on the program you have selected, you will receive a detailed work out plan to follow. Your plan will include the exercises, pictures, the amount of reps and sets and can be printed and taken with you anywhere!
  • Do I have to Take before Pics?

    Yes. Without Before and After photos and progress photos we will have no way to guide you and create the most efficient plan for you. These pictures will not be released to anyone without your consent.
  • What if I have questions about the workout or meal plan?

    We are always here for you 24/7 to answer questions or provide support. You can send us an email at and we will respond in less than 24 hours.
  • What Type of Meal Plans are Provided

    The meal plan is provided based on what you like to eat and customized to you and the goals that you are trying to achieve.
  • Can I Print out my Plan?

    Yes you can print out your plan. You will be in a format as a log sheet so that you can log the exercises that you have performed. We also provide an app for your phone to make the process flexible for our clients.
  • Am I to old to start?

    Regardless of whether you are in your 40's, 50's, 60's or older you can take the journey of being in shape. You can get the same results as anyone else with hard work, discipline and determination. We conduct a detailed medical screening and fit analysis test to determine where you begin your journey.
  • I Just had a baby when can I get started.

    Your health is always number care and concern. We suggest waiting 6-8 weeks after you have had your baby before you consider getting started. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.
  • What program should I use for a bikini body or fitness model body?

    Our most advanced program is our “RUN Program”. Within this program you can choose what look you are trying to attain. The program can be customized to meet your goal. The level of nutrition guidance and training in this advanced program will help you achieve the maximum amount of full body toning and fat loss.
  • What program should I use to build muscle or get ripped abs?

    Our most advanced program is our “RUN program”. Within this program you can choose what look you are trying to attain. The program can be customized to meet your goal—as long as you are committed to put in the work. The level of nutrition guidance and training in this advanced program will help you achieve the maximum amount of lean muscle development and fat loss.
  • Can my friend use the same program as me?

    Definitely! we encourage that you sign up and encourage a friend to sign up with you. However, each of you are different and unique. Your goals, fitness level, nutrition requirements, and exercise plan will not be the same. So you cannot share a plan. However, the moral support and accountability can strengthen the will to succeed.
  • What happens if I get injured or sick before my program ends?

    Our number one concern is your safety and health. If you get hurt we want you to focus on the healing process. Just email us your supporting documentation and we will place your account on hold until your are ready to begin again.
  • Is there an app for this program on Android or iPhone?

    Getufitin4.Com trys to stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide our customers with the most complete online training experience. Our program is available for all smart phones. This allows for you to enter the reps done, view your program, exercises, meal plan all from your phone. We also provide a print friendly option.
  • I am a vegetarian, will I be able to get the same results?

    No one is left out in our program once you have joined list that you are vegetarian in your assessment and we will customize a plan for you
  • I have food allergies, how will my meals be planned?

    In your assessment. All you will have to do is identify the foods that you have allergies to. We will customize your plan around your allergies. Your health and safety is always our number one concern.
  • Whats Our Refund Policy

    Refund policy. Our intent is to create a service of exceptional value. We provide a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service that we provide. After this time we have a " ALL IN POLICY " which simply means: Once you have completed your first weeks meal plan and exercises we want you to be committed. Our program has proven results its time to commit to making a change. After this time frame there will be no refund. 1. Full Name 2. Package Purchased 3. Date of Purchase 4. Send your Refunds to : Subject line: Refund please allow for 3-7 business days to allow for your refund to credited back to the account that was used. Renewal. Your subscription will renew automatically for consecutive periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected, unless we terminate it or you notify us by email at, of your decision to terminate your subscription. You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card. By Accepting this release, I acknowledge that I understand its content and that this release cannot be modified orally.