Often people decide to start a fitness/diet program and jump in “feet first”, “full throttle”, or another common saying, “Hit the ground running”—only to peter out before reaping the rewards of their short-lived labor, frustrated and discouraged.  At GetUfitin4.com, we believe you have to progress stepwise, taking steps as you grow and get stronger both physically and mentally, Hence our programs CREEP, CRAWL, WALK, and RUN!!!  Each is uniquely designed to fit all fitness levels, from the beginner to an advanced level athlete and is available as 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-week programs. Which program is PERFECT for YOU?

“WALK” Program

This is GetUfitin4.com’s intermediate level program designed for the client that regularly goes to the gym, tries to eat right, feels like they are doing everything right but not seeing the results they are looking for.  Maybe it’s those last stubborn ten pounds or you have hit a plateau.  It is time to take your workout to the next level and break through that rut.  You are committed and ready and willing to put in the work—you just need the truly customized program that will transform your body to achieve the results you work so hard for.  Our certified online personal trainers will be with you every step of the way with weekly assessments, coaching, and mentoring to give you that extra push to achieve your goals! In addition to ALL the features of our CREEP and CRAWL programs we will also provide you with:

    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Customized Nutrition
    • Recipe Database
    • Grocery List
    • Food Analysis
    • Goal Assessment
    • Weight Loss Goals
    • Client Assessment
    • Personal Cookbook
    • Journal
    • 24/7 Email Support
    • Bi -Weekly Monitoring
    • Custom  Bi-weekly Training Program
    • Customized Bi-weekly Cardio Program
    • Weekly Photo Assessment
    • Sync Your Schedule With Trainer